WTC would love to host your next craft night or brunch! Make & Take parties are a fun way to create a one-of-a-kind candle, planter, or other product in a bottle you choose. WTC can even pick up your own bottles two weeks before the party, cut them, and have them ready to use at your party!

WTC will customize a Make & Take party for groups as small as 6 (including host), and will travel to your home. As a host, you'll receive a host/hostess gift and the product you make is free!

What kind of parties can be done?
If you think of it, WTC can work with you to make it happen! Popular ideas other than making a candle in a wine bottle include a Bring Your Own container theme (tea or coffee cup for a Tea Party) and a Melt Down party, where guests bring their old, mostly burned candles and an empty container, and take the time to melt down their old candles and create a new layered candle.

What do you pay and what do you get?

-Guests pay $25 to make a tall Wine Bottle Candle (at $35 value). Guests do not need to bring anything, WTC provides the wax, wick, and prepared bottle. Customized parties along a different theme will have an adjusted price, according to the materials required. WTC will set up and clean up materials before and after the event. Prices for other products will vary by the finished product and materials required.

Can we make something else instead of a candle?

Definitely! WTC can also lead guests in creating a wine bottle planter or tiki torch. Did you have something else in mind? Let's talk!

Are you interested in holding a Candle Making Party? Contact me to get started planning your event!