Do you have a special wine bottle that you've been saving? Maybe it is from an anniversary or special event and has a lot of emotional value, or maybe you saw a bottle with an awesome label and just can't stand to part with it. Not to worry! Wine Time Crafts can give your empty bottle a new purpose by carefully cutting it and creating a beautiful product with it. Fill out this form to let us know about what you have in mind!

Things to know about this service:

1) Customers are responsible for the cost and process of shipping the bottle to Wine Time Crafts. WTC does not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur in shipment.

2) While every precaution is taken to prevent accidental damage, it is always possible that glass may break in other places, due to the fact that glass is very brittle. In the unlikely event that your bottle cracks or breaks during the candle-making process, you may chose to have the important, salvaged pieces sanded and returned to you, at no extra cost.

3) When the candle is finished, WTC will contact you to send an invoice or bill for the product. Once payment is made, including shipping, your candle will be on its way back to you!

Tell me about your candle!